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Welcome to MOLE. My Pal Online Learning Environment

A hosted LMS solution for K 12 Schools for online or blended learning.

Mole enables schools and teachers to easily integrate technology into curriculum and carry out assessment and evaluation.

Mole is user friendly, can be setup quickly with your own branding.

Students and teachers can have 24/7 access through a custom url:lms.your school.com

Course creation is very simple and is as easy as sending a mail!

Why should you use an LMS?

We live in a world wherein it's impossible to live without technology. We live and breathe technology - from the moment we wake up 'til we sleep. Innovation in education is inevitable, so is embracing technology.

MOLE can reduce the burden of paperwork on teachers and leave with them sufficient time to innovate and teach. Teachers can engage students with visual media and digital content.

Let's face facts...cellphones and tablets and gadgets are here to stay and teachers can use these effectively in the classroom and incorporate international classroom collaboration, take part in global competitions and so much more.

What will it cost you?
Our pricing starts at Less than 1$ per student per month !

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